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Tri-Mountain Retreat and Mountain Wisdom | Robert Lipman Atlanta, GA

Each summer Tri-Mountain Retreat and Robert Lipman look forward to hosting Mountain Wisdom camp at the Retreat where 25 boys and 20 counselors spend a week enjoying all that Tri-Mountain has to offer. Specifically, the final day of camp when the parents come to witness the graduation ceremony. It is so special and meaningful to me as well. During the one-week session, activities are carefully planned and oriented to personal development challenges for campers ranging in age from 9 – 15 as supervised by the hand-picked skilled counselors who dedicate one week of their lives for this purpose.

It is so very gratifying to attend the “graduation ceremony” where each camper and counselor expresses to everyone (including parents) how meaningful and impactful their week was. In this regard, they also ask me as to why I wanted to be a partner in the Camp.

As everyone may recall, last year we had a film crew contact us to come to the Retreat for the purpose of documenting my passion for starting the Retreat and what I wanted to accomplish. They specifically requested the opportunity to attend the closing ceremonies as I informed them as to how special the experience would be as part of the documentary. Their reaction was the same as mine after the filming indicating to me just how touching the experience was for them and will certainly be well received by viewers.

Below you will see a small sampling comprised of several pictures and short videos of the ceremony.

The director of Mountain Wisdom Camp, Jay Zipperman, graciously thanked Robert Lipman profusely for his small contribution in providing the venue. Robert “told him no thanks were necessary as he deserves all of my gratitude for doing all of the hard work necessary to run the camp successfully”.



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