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The transition from 35-year Lawyer to Retreat/Camp Director | Robert Lipman Atlanta Ga

Transition from 35-year Lawyer to Retreat/Camp Director

Robert Lipman Atlanta Ga

It has now been almost 10 years since Robert Lipman has sold his thriving practice in Atlanta ga to dedicate full time and energy to developing the children’s retreat. Over the course of the past 10 years the Ellijay property is about ready to expand into fulfilling Robert's dream of providing a full-fledged camp for disadvantaged kids encompassing 3 mountains, two lakes, 12 miles of trails and a full-service campground including a 9-bunk treehouse.

Following purchasing the 450 acre property and in the continuing development of The Retreat, Robert Lipman has never had a mentor or advisor to guide him in fulfilling his goals.

Along came Jay Zipperman and Mountain Wisdom Camp just before COVID hit! Jay has been the director of Mountain Wisdom Camp for over 20 years which was oriented to providing a wonderful camping experience for both boys and girls in a natural environment. However, they became displaced from their usual location in the national forest with the onset of VOVID, and Jay approached Robert about the possibility of utilizing his property which would be perfect for his camp. The marriage was perfect for both Jay and Bob in so many ways to the benefit of providing Jay a location to continue his camp and for Bob in learning aspects of operating a camp.

This past year, with Jay’s expertise and camp connections, Robert, Jay, and other knowledgeable people have embarked on visiting camps throughout the southeast to get a better understanding of how to succeed in developing and operating a new camp. Bob now fully understands it will be a long, arduous, challenging, and expensive endeavor to expand The Retreat into a full-time camp. Essentially, it will have to become a full-time business, and no longer a weekend commitment.

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